BalancedHealthy - What segment are you?

We have developed a custom proprietary research study to segment the different personas among health- and balance-driven American consumers. What makes this segmentation different is that the groups are defined by human values and lifestyle choices rather than by demographic and socio-economic statistics. The values-based research identified that 79% of the general public fall into BalancedHealthy categories while 21% that we call The Health Disengaged, fall outside the parameters of the study.

The BalancedHealthy universe is broken down into six unique and distinct segments: Well Accomplished, Forever Youngers, Endorphin Junkies, Balanced Souls, Empowered Independents, and Actively Ambitious.

So, which segment do you fit into? To begin the survey, complete the form below. You'll be able to see which segment you fall in to at the end of the survey. We'll also email additional information about your segment and the other BalancedHealthy segments. For more information on how to live the BalancedHealthy lifestyle, visit to read the latest research and insights on healthy living.

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