Get closer to the balanced consumer than ever before:

WHAT’S HAPPENING Wait, there’s more than just a spoonful of sugar in my cereal? Fooducate, the latest grocery store truth teller, is an app that lets consumers scan barcodes to learn the reality of what lies in the market aisles. The free app uses the phone’s camera to scan barcodes, which unlock health grades from A to F, notes on how processed the food is, explanations of what the ingredients really are (for instance, that autolyzed yeast and hydrolyzed vegetable protein are MSG equivalents), and suggestions for comparable but healthier alternatives.

Brand Strategy: Female Consumer Life Cycle Meets Brand Architecture

There are more American females than men. The American female consumer influences and spends over $5 trillion annually, and controls 51% of the nation’s wealth. Her health and life cycle are vital to the American family unit and economy. How can brands create more modern architectures reflecting her relevancy?
What if we told you that those coveted DIY health consumers are not as confident as you think? Or that your brand-building wellness newsletter, breast-cancer partnership or Oprah-inspired messaging is doing more harm than good? Reality check — a backlash …
Key Analysis: Today’s consumers expect to find accessible health and wellness options whenever/wherever they are. Not traditionally associated with the health and wellness space? That’s a short-sighted excuse. The IconoCommunities panel felt they would like to take advantage of (and see) …

Other Interesting Stats:

  • Trident Vitality, which will hit the shelves in early 2011, includes a flavor called Vigorate containing 10% of the daily value of vitamin C. The brand is incorporating health into its marketing, saying the gum adds a “little piece of delicious well-being.”
  • Food vendor Aramark is opening a gluten-free concession stand at Coors Field in Denver. Aramark says it’s believed to be the first such stand in the major leagues. In addition to hot dogs, gluten-free offerings will include burgers, chicken sandwiches, brownies and beer.