• Pinterest is always one step ahead of you making sure you news feed is personalized to what might catch you eye. Recommendation algorithms are the reason the perfect swim suit or that delicious smoothie recipe keeps popping up on your feed. Pinterest took this knowledge of trends to make predictions for what would be popular throughout 2015 and made The Pinterest 100, a list of 100 things you should be eating, making, or trying in 2015.
  • Food had a big presence in factoring into 2015, showing up with frequency on The Pinterest 100 list.
  • The top five food trends won’t come as a surprise to those who were keeping tabs on 2014 foodies: ramen, tequila and cauliflower all make prominent appearances, with menu hacks and paleo-friendly carbs rounding out the list.
  • The list also includes mainstays of the last few years, from kale and butternut squash salads to gluten-free baking to green juices.

Balanced Healthy POV:

  • Pinterest is a social networking site consumers can use to pick up on health and food trends and thanks to recommendation algorithms the trends you see are specific to what catches your eye. Due to Pinterest’s visual nature healthy meals look way more appetizing and therefore peak consumer interest causing them to pin it and come back later when they are ready to make the meal. This serves as a tool for food brands to connect with consumers.
  • Pinterest gives healthy living brands a huge opportunity to organically engage with a predicted 50 million pinners in 2016.
  • Pinterest is also a great tool for consumers to use as inspiration. Everyone has at least one board dedicated to various meals and treats they plan to make. To many pinners, Pinterest takes the form of an inspiration board, helping them visualize goals they have set for themselves. These goals commonly include healthy lifestyle choices, such as meals consumers wish to eat and DIY instructions on how to easily prepare the meal on your screen for dinner that night.


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