Why BalancedHealthy Lifestyle Practice?

When DGWB examined what influence has shaped the values of today’s consumer, we first looked directly at the target audiences of our most successful clients…clients such as California Avocados, Dole Fresh Fruit and Fresh Vegetables, Star Olive Oil, Natural Delights Medjool Dates, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Jacuzzi spa and bath, Thermador cooking appliances and Ryka running shoes. Each of these brands have something in common.

For each brand, we identified a key target audience that strives to live a healthy lifestyle that balances a diet of natural foods, regular exercise and ample downtime for an overall state of wellbeing. Working with this impressive list of clients has given us the experience and expertise to understand the mind of the BalancedHealthy consumer. It has also given us curiosity and inspiration to know more about this wellness minded consumer. Therefore, we have formed the BalancedHealthy practice within the agency.

Based in the epicenter of health and wellness, our Southern California location has given us an observational perspective on human values surrounding health and wellness that have shaped this growing category. While our staff lives these values on a daily basis, we went a step further and have invested in ongoing research about the lifestyles, values, demographics and behavior of the BalancedHealthy consumer.

If your customers are part of the 76% of Americans that strive to have life balance and live a healthy lifestyle, we can provide some deep insight that can help you better engage and connect with them.