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  • Palenque Homemade Colombian Food Truck, which divides its parking time between Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, serves arepas (grilled thick corn patties filled with cheese or other goodies) with a modern twist.
  • The popular truck serves traditional arepas like corn-based flatbread stuffed with beef, but also sesame-, flax- or quinoa-based flatbreads stuffed with vegetarian items like seitan or arugula.
  • Partners Vivana Lewis (a former caterer) and Nena Sierra (a filmmaker) are both native Colombians (, 22 September 2011).
  • Latin American flavors are increasingly popular in the general-market foodie mainstream, from Peruvian saltada to Brazilian feijoada. Why? Intrigue, a taste of authentic (if sometimes tweaked) ingredients and Merit BadgesSM.
  • Fusion and food trucks go hand in hand, from Kogi’s pioneering Korean Mexican mashups to Palenque’s health-trend takes on Colombian arepas. Food trucks have taken the notorious “confusion” out of fusion and given it legitimacy.
  • Urban eaters are often looking for lighter fare, especially those who eat out almost every day of the week.